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Cannabis Law & License Types in California

california cannabis growing laws

If you’re the owner of a dispensary in California, not only will you have to deal with California small business laws, you’ll need to contend with cannabis law in California as well. Even for occasional consumers of marijuana products, educating yourself on cannabis regulations in California is a smart idea.

Although cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use in the state, it is still governed by federal law.

Cannabis Use Dos and Don’ts

Cannabis is legal to purchase and consume in California but this fact comes with many caveats. For example, only licensed establishments are allowed to sell cannabis products and only to those aged 21 or over.

Cannabis purchased or sold from any source other than a licensed establishment has not been legally exchanged.

Cannabis users may smoke or otherwise consume cannabis on private property, however, there are many places in which it is not ok to do.

You cannot consume cannabis on federal lands, such as national parks. You cannot consume cannabis while driving a vehicle, or operate a vehicle under the influence of cannabis. You cannot consume or even open any cannabis products in public spaces, including bars, restaurants, and sidewalks.

Cannabis License Types

For those considering cultivating or selling cannabis and cannabis products, different sets of laws will be more relevant. As mentioned above, anyone wanting to get into the business of cannabis must hold a specific license.

The 12 different cannabis license types in California are:

  • Type 1 – Cultivation: Specialty outdoor (small)
  • Type 1A – Cultivation: Specialty indoor (small)
  • Type 1B – Cultivation: Specialty mixed-light (small)
  • Type 1C – Cultivation: Specialty cottage (small)
  • Type 2 – Cultivation: Outdoor (small)
  • Type 2A – Cultivation: Indoor (small)
  • Type 2B – Cultivation: Mixed-light (small)
  • Type 3 – Cultivation: Outdoor (medium)
  • Type 3A – Cultivation: Indoor (medium)
  • Type 3B – Cultivation: Mixed-light (medium)
  • Type 4 – Nursery
  • Type 5 – Cultivation: Outdoor (large)
  • Type 5A – Cultivation: Indoor (large)
  • Type 5B – Cultivation: Mixed-light (large)
  • Type 6 – Manufacturing Level 1
  • Type 7 – Manufacturing Level 2
  • Type 8 – Testing Laboratory
  • Type 10 – Retailer
  • Type 11 – Distributor
  • Type 12 – Microbusiness

Answering Your Questions on Cannabis Laws

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