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Attorney-Client Fee Disputes

Santa Rosa Attorney Michael J. Fish brings a plethora of skill, knowledge, and experience in resolving attorney-client fee disputes. He has arbitrated a multitude of these disputes and has represented both attorneys and clients in their efforts to resolve these matters and also is often called upon to serve as an expert witness.

He has served as a fee arbitrator for the Marin and Sonoma County Bar Associations and State Bar of California Mandatory Fee Arbitration programs dating back to 1985.

  • State Bar of California Mandatory Fee Arbitration Committee, chair (2006-2007) – 2002-2010, 2015-2018
  • State Bar of California Mandatory Fee Arbitration Assistant Presiding Arbitrator – 2008-2010
  • Marin County Bar Association Client Relations Committee Member, chair (2000-2008) – 1985-Present
  • Sonoma County Bar Association Mandatory Fee Arbitration Committee Chair – 2014-Present

Michael has obtained favorable results for both attorneys and clients. Most recently, after a number of attempts at arbitration, a law firm agreed to accept $500,000 to resolve its claim for 1.9 million dollars in fees and interest.

Michael has been a featured speaker at numerous county bar association events and has been a presenter on several occasions at the Annual State Bar Conventions.

Michael has also authored many articles on relevant topics in this area.

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