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Complex Litigation

Complex Litigation Law

In today’s ever more litigious society, the risk that a business or commercial disagreement will result in complex litigation is increasingly high.

The staggering costs of complex litigation, both in expenditures and in disruptions to your business activities, are now forcing businesses to seek swift resolution of these disputes.

Having a skilled litigator with experience in cases involving similar legal and factual issues greatly increases a company’s ability to meet its litigation objectives.

At Merrill, Arnone & Jones (MAJ Law), our attorneys have litigated and tried cases involving corporate dissolution, employment-related disputes, contracts, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and a variety of property ownership, lease and landlord-tenant issues.

Our extensive complex litigation experience allows us to focus quickly on the most important issues, efficiently gather the evidence and information our clients will need to win the case, and obtain favorable results for our clients through settlement, summary judgment, or trial.

Ever conscious of the cost of litigation, it is our firm policy to staff cases leanly, typically with no more than two lawyers per matter.

Our experience coupled with our lean staffing policy means quicker, more expeditious resolution at a total cost below that of many comparable firms.

For more information about complex litigation, contact Santa Rosa Attorneys Ross Jones or Marlon Young.